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733029 – Blink Outdoor Wireless Security 2 Camera System and Floodlight w/ 1 Silicon Skin Cover

Blink Installation and Set Up

Blink Outdoor and Indoor (Gen 2) Battery Powered Camera

Blink Indoor (gen 2) does not have the same weatherproofing features as the Blink Outdoor camera. Blink Outdoor boasts an IP65 weather resistance rating. Additionally, Blink Indoor and Outdoor are compatible with a new battery expansion pack that doubles operating life. (sold separately)

Blink Indoor (gen 2) and Outdoor cameras feature Privacy Zones and additional storage options to save your motion clips locally on a USB flash drive (sold separately) or to the cloud with advanced features.

As an alternative to the subscription-based cloud storage , you can enable local storage with no monthly fee to save videos from up to 10 cameras to the storage hub included with Blink Indoor (gen 2) and Outdoor systems by inserting a USB flash drive (sold separately).

Yes, you can use both forms of storage. The subscription offers cloud-based storage that is visible in the Blink app, and Clip Backups save to the USB flash drive.

Blink Indoor (gen 2) and Outdoor cameras integrate with all Alexa-enabled products including Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show, Echo Spot, Fire TV, and Fire Tablet. Skills include arming and disarming, activating a live stream, playing the latest motion clip, and when available, will include sound detection via Alexa Guard to trigger camera recording, and motion announcements right from your Alexa-enabled device.

Blink Indoor (gen 2) and Outdoor cameras will not support Apple HomeKit or Google Assistant at launch but we are continuously evaluating integration opportunities.

Yes, we call it a Sync Module. Each Sync Module manages a system and can have up to ten devices attached. The Sync Module 2 adds local storage features for Blink Indoor (gen 2), Outdoor, and Mini cameras.

Yes. Plus, if adding Blink Indoor (gen 2) and Outdoor cameras to an existing Blink system that has been activated on or before 4/15/20, your existing free cloud storage does not expire. Systems activated after 4/15/20 can receive motion alerts and enter Live View for free, with the option to purchase a cloud storage subscription to view stored clips in the Blink app.

Newer Sync Module products offer features like local storage and subscription enhancements like Photo Capture.

On an eligible camera, Photo Capture takes a thumbnail every hour, then once a day and assembles them into a short clip that you can view in the Blink app. If a motion alert or Live View event occurs, the hourly photos taken up to that point are assembled into a clip, and the hourly photos begin again after the event is complete. Eligible cameras are Blink Indoor (gen 2), Outdoor, and Mini.

Blink Floodlight Mount

When connected to your Blink Outdoor camera, the Floodlight will operate with your camera when it is armed for motion detection in your Blink system.

When the camera senses motion, the Floodlight will activate as well. Additionally, you can manually turn the Floodlight on or off from the Blink app home screen or while performing a Live View.

No, the Floodlight is only to be used with the new Blink Outdoor camera.

Other Blink outdoor cameras (XT or XT2) are not compatible with Floodlight's micro-USB connector to provide a weather-resistant seal.

The Floodlight uses 4 alkaline D-cell batteries to operate. Your Blink Floodlight will come with its first set of batteries already installed. You will need to remove the pull-tab in the battery compartment to activate power to the Floodlight.

To access or replace the batteries, you will need to unmount the Floodlight and twist the back cover open to expose the battery compartment. See setup instructions for detailed information.

No, the Blink Floodlight cannot act as a battery backup for your Outdoor camera. The Outdoor camera will need to have its own set of 1.5 V AA Lithium batteries to function properly. You will still be notified via the battery indicator in the Blink app when your Outdoor camera batteries need to be replaced.

Yes, the camera will still be able to function even if the Floodlight has dead batteries. The camera will have power from its own set of 1.5 V Lithium batteries and does not rely on any power from the Floodlight to function on its own.

No, the Floodlight will not be capable of turning on for motion events if the Outdoor camera is not functional. The Floodlight relies on a signal from the motion sensor of the Blink Outdoor camera to turn on for a motion event.

No, the micro-USB cable installed in the Blink Floodlight is not removable.

No, the Floodlight must operate using the D-Cell batteries and is not compatible with the Blink Solar Panel.

With normal usage of your Blink Floodlight consisting of five triggers a day, each lasting 30 seconds, you will receive approximately 12 months of battery life. A battery life indicator is found on the Floodlight settings page within the Blink app.

If your pull tab is missing or broken, please ensure both positive and negative ends of each battery are clear of any coverings and then reattempt installation.

Yes. The Floodlight works with a Blink Outdoor camera that is supported by both Sync Module 1 and Sync Module 2.

The communications provided over micro-USB cable between the camera and accessory are only supported on Blink Outdoor (3rd Gen) camera. Previous generation cameras (XT & XT2) do not have the HW requirement to support.

No, the Blink Floodlight Mount is not designed to be hardwired. Currently, it can only be powered by the 4 alkaline D-cell batteries.

The solar panel and outdoor camera do not require a separate sync module and can be added to an existing system that already contains other cameras.

No, the Blink Floodlight cannot act as a battery backup for your Outdoor camera. The Outdoor camera will need to have its own set of 1.5 V AA Lithium batteries to function properly.

You will still be notified via the battery indicator in the Blink app when your Outdoor camera batteries need to be replaced.

Yes, you will be notified via the Blink app if the batteries are running low on your Floodlight. A Battery indicator can also be found in the Floodlight settings or on the Blink app home screen.

Yes, you have the ability to adjust the light brightness as well as the auto-shutoff duration for the Floodlight in the Floodlight settings page within the Blink app. Additionally, you can set ambient light sensitivity and daytime light activation for your Blink Floodlight. See Floodlight app settings for detailed information.

Yes, the Blink Floodlight can be mounted on a wall, tree or on a ceiling such as on a patio.

The Blink Floodlight uses LED technology and provides 700 lumens of high quality light by Beams.

Yes, the light panels on the Blink Floodlight can be adjusted up or down, as well as away from the Blink Outdoor camera, to provide maximum light coverage. See Installing the Blink Floodlight for detailed information.

Twelve feet off the ground is the optimal height to get the best range for the Blink Outdoor camera’s motion detector.

No, the Floodlight will only function if a Blink Outdoor camera is connected via the micro-USB cable. Blink XT and XT2 cameras are not supported.

Yes, the Blink Floodlight is IP65 certified weather resistant.

The Blink Floodlight has an operating temperature range between -4°F (-20°C) to 113°F (45°C).

Yes, the Floodlight is compatible with Alexa. It is considered part of the camera it is attached to physically. When you use Alexa commands, refer to the camera name and add the word “light” to direct your request.

Some examples:

Alexa, turn on/off the light

Alexa, dim the light.”

“Alexa, set the light to fifty percent.”

“Alexa, brighten the light”.

Yes, in the EU/UK Blink Floodlight has a 2-year limited warranty.

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