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My plants have arrived in a poor condition. Can you help?

Thank you for recently ordering plants with us and we’re sorry if these have not arrived in a perfect condition.

We’re aware, from time to time, when your plants first arrive they may need some extra love and water to get things started.

For example, Bare roots come in different shapes and sizes. They can often look like twigs or a tangle of roots – depending on the variety, however the one thing that they all have in common is that they will look very ’bare’ when they arrive, you can see some examples below.

It’s perfectly normal for bare roots to look very dry/brittle upon receipt. These can also vary in size and the number of shoots/small branches may not always match the product shown on air.

Please don’t worry if your bare roots arrive looking this way, as they will still be perfectly healthy and we would suggest planting these by following the instructions you’ll receive with the item.

Some bare roots are dormant upon receipt so please allow around 4-6 weeks for the plant to start to grow/establish.

If you’ve ordered plug plants from us, they will often need to be potted on into pots of at least 7cm in diameter. It’s advised that they are then grown on on the windowsill, or in a greenhouse, until they are well rounded plants. This will take around 4 weeks.

You can use plastic pots, old yoghurt pots, or module trays, just make sure there is drainage in whatever container you choose. If the roots on your plants look a little bit restricted, spread them out a little bit with your fingers before you plant the plug. Also, if they have tiny little flowers on them, snap those off. It might sound strange, but by removing those, you will let the plant put all of its energy into growing a framework, rather than flowering when it’s so young.

For help or advice on how to get these planted and how to care for them so you can keep your garden looking lovely, we have some handy guides and links available and you can view these by clicking here.

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