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How do I clean my Emu boots?

It’s simple and easy to clean your Emu boots, just follow these steps to get them looking like new.

Firstly, using a soft brush, brush away loose dirt and debris that may have come from walking in mud or salted walkways. For difficult spots, try using a spot eraser that can be found at any retailer that sells Emu boots.

If your boots are extremely soiled, use cold water on a clean sponge or cloth – however, it is important that you do not soak them . Once completed, use a manufacturer recommended cleaner and conditioner, by applying a small amount to a clean sponge or brush, scrubbing lightly. Always following cleaning instructions.

Emu boots should not be blow dried or placed in a dryer. Once completely dry, lightly brush to freshen the nap. As a last step we recommend using a manufacturer’s stain and water repellent product to condition and protect your boots. Be sure to let them dry thoroughly if doing this.

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