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How do I care for my plants in the cold weather?

We have had quite a bit of frost, cold winds and heavy rain this Spring, with nights potentially reaching unseasonably cold temperatures. Most plants are still in a tender growing stage during this month and we would recommend protecting any of your plants until this cooler weather has passed.

We would expect that your plants may arrive a lot smaller than usual compared to last year. Not to worry these will all begin to flourish once the warmer weather arrives. In the meantime here are some handy hints and tips on how to care for your plants.

Bedding plants will require a little more TLC than usual as some may arrive small. Whilst these are fine to be left outside during the warmer, sunnier days we recommend that these are brought inside during the colder nights.

Perennial plants are tougher than you would expect but during the colder, frostier nights, why not try to cover some of the leaves with a light cloth or cover to prevent any damage.

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