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What do your different pricing names mean?

Price definition
Feature PriceWe offer Feature Price on items that our Buyers have travelled the world to source and discover and that they are particularly passionate about. Because of this, they believe that these items should be offered at a great value price – so Feature Price offers a saving over the regular QVC Price.
Event PriceTo celebrate a particular on-air show or event, we will often offer a number of specially chosen items to run at a special price, which we will label as Event Price.
SurprisesAt certain times of the year we like to offer you an opportunity to get an item on a special Surprise promotion.  We don’t promote the offer prior to going on air but will drop it into selected hours during certain periods, such as over Easter or in the run up to Christmas.
The Surprise offer may be an item at a special price, with free P&P or in unusually low Easy Pay instalments, typically well under £10 per payment. The offer is normally available for that day only.
Surprise PriceAn item at Surprise Price can be a real surprise! We can feature it in any show, for that show only and it’s normally only available for that day. The Surprise may be a special price, free P&P or unusually low Easy Pay instalments.
Web FirstsAt you can shop for new items before they appear on QVC TV, plus find a growing selection of online exclusives. View them here first.
Clearance PriceWe’re constantly bringing you new products here at QVC and to make room for them in our warehouse, we need to clear out some of our smaller stocks and end-of-life products. We offer these items to you at Clearance Price, which will give you significant savings off the QVC Price.
Outlet PriceThese are products which we’re offering you at a reduced price as they may be returns from other customers or come from discounted ranges. They may not be in their original manufactured condition, however they will have undergone thorough testing before we choose to re-sell them.
They may not be in their original packaging and on occasion we will repackage them ourselves. Although the product’s original manufacturer warranty will no longer apply, an outlet product will still be sold under our 60-day money back guarantee.

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