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How do I disconnect the Cujo Smart Wi-Fi Internet Protection?

You can view a guide below, directly from Cujo, on disconnecting your Cujo Smart Wi-Fi Internet Protection product.

If you are running the CUJO in DHCP server mode: Disconnecting the Firewall requires you to factory reset your router. Disconnect the device and perform a factory reset to use your router without the Firewall appliance. You can also connect to your router’s administrator panel to re-enable the router’s DHCP server function. Afterwards, it will be safe to disconnect the CUJO device.

If you are running the CUJO in Bridge mode: Simply disconnect the CUJO device and re-establish a direct link between your main router and the Access Point router or network switch. In other words – unplug the LAN cable from the CUJO appliance and plug it into any of the ethernet ports on your Access Point router or network switch.

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