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Plant Delays

We are currently experiencing delays with a small number of plant deliveries. You can view more information on impacted items and find new expected delivery timescales with regular updates here.


Item NumberDescription
506989Plants2Gardens Iris Reticulata Mixed Bulbs

De Jager

Item NumberDescription
520491De Jager Kerley Ruffles Pansy Collection in 4.5cm Pots

Thompson & Morgan

Item NumberDescription
720065Thompson & Morgan Hydrangea Mojito 2x 9cm Pot
720305Thompson & Morgan Camellia 1001 Summer Nights Jasmine 10.5cm Pot x 2
517591Thompson & Morgan Hyacinth Midnight Mystic Bulbs
520705Thompson & Morgan 1x Hydrangea Miss Saori 3 Litre Pot
721264Thompson & Morgan Agapanthus Midnight Cascade
721271Thompson and Morgan Buddleia Berries and Cream
521001Thompson & Morgan Buddleja Tricolour in 2 Litre Pot


Item NumberDescription
722592Hayloft Plants Tulip Blue Lagoon 15x Bulbs
722181Hayloft Artisan Alliums 100 Bulb Collection
520793Hayloft Plants 15 x Tulips Doubled & Ruffled Bulbs
722552Hayloft Plants 15x Primula 3cm Young Plant Collection
722882Hayloft Narcissus Heritage Collection Bulbs
722884Hayloft Fritallaria Lutea Bulbs
722886Hayloft Rainbow Tulip Bulbs

Richard Jackson

Item NumberDescription
520649Richard Jackson 50 x Colourful Allium Bulbs
721319Richard Jackson’s Garden Charm Daffodil Bulb Collection
520797Richard Jackson Garden Ready Scented Rose Bud Primrose
721312Richard Jackson’s Butterfly Allium Bulb Collection
721313Richard Jackson’s Extra Early Flowering Bulb Collection
721316Richard Jackson’s Winter Flowering Daffodil Collection
721317Richard Jackson’s Award Winning Orchid Flowered Daffodils
721318Richard Jackson’s Indoor & Outdoor Daffodil Collection
721320Richard Jackson’s Giant Flowered Scented Florists Choice Daffodil Bulbs
520684Richard Jackson Garden Cheer Collection

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